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Compressor – Copeland Scroll Compressors

Since its introduction, the Copeland Scroll compressor has revolutionized residential and
commercial air conditioning and commercial refrigeration. Copeland Scroll compressors have a
worldwide reputation for delivering energy efficiency and reliability. Over the years, more than 100
million Copeland Scroll compressors have been built and installed; running the air conditioners that
cool our homes and businesses and powering the refrigeration systems that keep perishable food
and medicine at a safe temperature.

Emerson has introduced next-generation of technology innovation to the heating, air- conditioning and refrigeration industries, by adding electronics and diagnostic intelligence capabilities to their scroll compressors to further improve efficiency, enable more precise temperature control, and help to identify potential issues before they become real ones.

These innovations expand the ability of Copeland Scroll compressors to support new A/C and refrigeration applications, as well as to expand the benefits of cooling technologies for countries around the world.